Likya Trail Series

Likya Trail Series

A brand new series on the historical Lycian Way!
3 different tracks on 2 different dates…
A unique track that passes from Gelidonya Lighthouse and Mount Musa to end at Çıralı…
Weather increases the distance gradually or run the longest each time…
Lycia Trail Series is your chance to run one of the most special and technical tracks in Turkey!

Lycia Trail Series Dates Lycia Trail 1: May, 12-13, 2017
Lycia Trail 2: September, 29-30, 2017

Rules & General Info

* 16,5K Mount Musa and 37,5K Gelidonya categories runners get solely water supply on the check points.

* Olympos 70K runners get food supply in addition to water at a designated check point. Participants may carry their food supply during their time in the track.

* Age limit for participation is 18+.

* It is mandatory for the participants to fill in the form in the registration section and deposit the participation fee to partake. The chest numbers which are mandatory to carry throughout the race will be delivered at the registration desk as indicated in the program.

* Organizers and referees hold the right to disqualify a competitor in case there is a health issue. 

* Competitors who fail to present mandatory equipment before the race are subject to disqualification.

* The participation fee is nonrefundable in case of absence of the mandatory equipment, violation of any of the rules above and disqualification by the referees on any ground.

* It is obligatory for the participants of 37,5K Gelidonya and Olympos 70K categories to present a health report along with an EKG. The scanned copies of these two documents must be sent digitally before the last day of the registrations. The originals of the documents must be provided at the registrations and kit delivery. Please click here to download the health report.

* The event includes difficult tracks which require an adequate pre-practice. Each participant signs a consent letter indicating his/her will to participate in the race and assuming full responsibility.

* Professional rescue and health teams will be present during the race at all times. The medical team and ambulance will be on the designated locations along the track during the race. Medicals hold the right to disqualify a competitor in case there is a health issue. 

* The race director is responsible of the race track and management during the race. The map of the race track will be delivered to competitors before the race. The track can be changed by the race director due to weather conditions or other reasons. Race director briefs the competitors about the track before the race. 

* Competitors can commit their precious belongings and other belongings to staff before the race. These will be returned at the end of the race. The responsibility of the equipment that will be carried in the backpacks during the race belongs to the competitor. 

* No refunds will be paid to those who fail to provide the mandatory equipment, unfollow the rules above and those who are disqualified by referees.

* All registered runners are deemed to have accepted all of the race rules.


In case of occurrence of any of the clauses below, the relevant participator gets disqualified.

- Not passing through the check points.
- Using short cuts out of the designated track.
- Failing to carry the chest number and chip given by the event organizers in the requested fashion.
- Refusing to be checked by the health personnel and race director and failing to follow the decisions by the event organizers.
- Failing to provide any of the mandatory equipment and/or refusing to be checked for the mandatory equipment.


Mount Musa  16,5K
Gelidonya 37,5K
Olympos 70K

Category Start Finish Start Time Track Duration Track Closing
16,5K / Mount Musa Adrasan Çıralı Saturday 10:00 4 hour 14:00
37,5K / Gelidonya Karaöz Çıralı Saturday 08:00 8 hour 16:00
70K / Olympos Finike Çıralı Saturday 04:00 14 hour 18:00

Race Program

Friday, May 12, 2017 (September 29)
12:00 – 19:00 Registrations & Kit Delivery
19:00 Briefing
Saturday, May 13, 2017 (September 30)
02:30 Transfer to Olympos 70K Start Point
04:00 Olympos 70K Start
07:00 Transfer to 37,5K Gelidonya Trail Start Point
08:00 37,5K Gelidonya Trail Start
09:00 Transfer to 16,5K Musa Dağı Trail Start Point
10:00 16,5K Musa Dağı Trail Start
13:00-18:00 Finisher Meal - Banquet
19:00 Award Ceremony

Race Track

Lycia Trail Series are run on the most beautiful and most difficult tracks of Lycian Way, between Finike and Çıralı. The course comprises different terrains such as forests, mountains, rock terrains, beaches and steep slopes. Accordingly, ground structure varies throughout the race track.

The altitude of the track varies between 0 and 720 m. Terrain is rocky, earth and sandy at times. Pine needles in the forest areas can make the terrain slippery. 

Some parts of the course are close to steep slopes. It can be difficult to run at some parts due to sharp descents and ascents and rough terrain. A fast walk is advised in those situations. Some parts of the course might require water crossing. The height of water can change according to season and rainfall. A pre-check is advised before crossing.

Lycian Way course is well marked. The red and white three stripes on the rocks and trees marks the course. At some places, especially when close to settlements, yellow signboards indicate the directions and distance. At the parts of the course out of Lycian Way and at some parts with straying possibility, signs by race organizers and staff will show the directions. In case you lose your way, try to get back to the latest sign and try to find the right direction again.

The race director is responsible of the race track and management during the race. The map of the race track will be delivered to competitors before the race. The race track is can be changed by the race director due to weather conditions or other reasons. Check point and main camp locations can again be changed by the race director.

Mount Musa 16,5K

Gelidonya 37,5K

Olympos 70K

Participation Fees & Registrations

Category Fee
16,5K / Mount Musa 120 TL
37,5K / Gelidonya 160 TL
70K / Olympos Ultra 200 TL


Race Final Date for Registrations
Lycia Trail Series I May 8, 2017
Lycia Trail Series II September 25, 2017

The registration process is completed when the entry fee is paid. Registration is not approved without payment. It is obligatory for the registrants to present a health report along with an EKG. These two documents must be presented at the application.

Participants of 16,5K Mount Musa Trail are NOT asked to present a health report and EKG.

Entry fee or runner number tags cannot be transferred to any other competitor. In case of requests for category change after the registration:

- No refund is made in changing to a category with lower entry fee.
- Differential will be added in changing to a category with higher entry fee.

Mandatory Equipment

Olympos 70K Mandatory Equipment List

• Backpack or belt bag (any size that would be enough for the mandatory equipment)
• Mobile phone and charger
• Mirror
• Reflector
• Head lamp and replacement battery
• Whistle
• Lighter
• Water container (minimum 1 liter)
• Compass
• Food enough for the track duration

16,5K Mount Musa / 37,5K Gelidonya Mandatory Equipment List

• Mobile phone
• Whistle
• Flask (minimum 1 liter)
• A small backpack or belt bag to carry the mandatory equipment
• Compass

Ödüller & Tasnif

Likya Trail Series’de, herhangi bir para ödülü verilmemektedir.

Yarışta yer alan tüm yarışmacılara katılım madalyası verilir.

Dereceye giren yarışmacılara kupa ile UZUNETAP ve sponsor markaların sürpriz ödülleri verilir.

Yarışta yaş tasnifi yapılmamaktadır. Her farklı kategori için KADINLAR ve ERKEKLER olmak üzere iki ana başlıkta tasnif gerçekleştirilir.

Transportation & Accomodation

For 16,5K Mount Musa / 37,5K Gelidonya and Olympos 70K runners, according to series dates to be selected, on May 12 / September 29, shuttles will operate from Antalya Airport to Çıralı event area at two different hours. The participants are expected to complete their registrations and receive their race kits between 12:00 – 19:00.

Shuttle Departures (May 12, 2017):
• 12:00 Antalya Airport / Arrival to Çıralı Event Area
• 16:00 Antalya Airport / Arrival to Çıralı Event Area

Return Departures (May 14, 2017)
• 07:00 Çıralı Camping Area / Arrival to Antalya Airport
(Transfers take 3 hours. It is advised to plan your flights accordingly.)

Shuttle Departures (September 29, 2017):
• 12:00 Antalya Airport / Arrival to Çıralı Event Area
• 16:00 Antalya Airport / Arrival to Çıralı Event Area

Return Departures (October 1, 2017):
• 07:00 Çıralı Camping Area / Arrival to Antalya Airport
(Transfers take 3 hours. It is advised to plan your flights accordingly.)

Competitors must fill in the 'transfer shuttle form' after completing registration. Otherwise they cannot benefit from shuttle services. Email or telephone reservation is not possible. Transfer shuttle form can only be filled by registered competitors. It is advised to choose both arrival and departure airports as Antalya Airport for the participants who plan to have flights.

Participants who choose to travel by their own means of transport can use the map in the link below.
Google Maps linki

Event doesn’t offer accommodation on the event area. Participants may find hotel and guest house accommodation around Çıralı and Olympos.

Tips & Suggestions

Big part of the track comprises of rough and varying terrains. Choosing the right shoes and the preparation for the race is important. The climate and the length of the track should as well be taken into consideration.

To succeed in an ultra-marathon, the most important factor after endurance and fitness is a balanced diet. The balance and strategy of your diet during the race is as important as your physical stamina. It is best to exercise for the long stages. It is advised to change between running and walking during these exercises.

Running/walking with a backpack imposes burden on different muscle groups. Therefore it is best to do some parts of the exercises with a backpack, preferably with the same backpack to be used in the race and with the same weight. You may also want to exercise with the shoes and backpack you will use during the race.

It is important to get accustomed to long exercises especially for the ultra-marathon category. Your body should be fit for supporting at least an 8 hours walk with minimum breaks before the race. It can be useful to exercise in hot weather if possible.

It is important to strengthen waist and back muscles especially for carrying the backpack.

Equipment Suggestions

Shoes  Running and trekking shoes are advised. It is better to wear 1-2 size bigger shoes in case of swelling and bandage. The soles of the shoes shouldn't be too much soft for the running will take place at some sharp and rough rocky terrain. New shoes are not advised precisely. It is advised to exercise with the same shoes you will wear at the race.

Socks Padded walking or running socks should be preferred. For the foot health, it is adviced to change socks every day.

Hats and Bandanas Because of the high intensity of sun light during the marathon, hats or bandanas are absolutely necessary. Brimmed hats are advised for protecting the back of the neck.

Sun protection Sunglasses are a must. It would be very difficult to complete this marathon without them. High protective factor sun screens are an absolute necessity due to high level of UV rays.

Food Every runner at ultra-trail category is free to bring their food. It is important to watch for salt intake. It is advised to consume plenty of salt and/or take salt supplements during the race. Competitors will provide for their food / supplement of choice during the race and carry them in their backpacks. 

Water Containers and Hydration Systems Enough water will be provided at the check points. It would be more effective to consume water at intervals. For this reason water tanks can be preferred for hands free movement.

Registered Participants







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